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Links to copyright free media.

*If used in research project, images should still be cited.



  • – free for educational use, copy and paste bibliography for pictures


  • Pics4learning – free for educational use, copy and paste bibliography for pictures 
















Clip Art:




Background Textures


Music and Audio



Primary Source Sites

Primary source documents for authentic research: 


American Journeys –

National Union catalogue of manuscript collections –   


Photos, Documents, and and Audio:

Library of Congress – Digital Collections

Library of Congress – Virtual Reference links

WDL – World Digital Library


Oral Interviews:


Library of Congress’s American Memory Project



Making of America




Government Records:


National Archive of Government Records





AMDOCS – Documents For the Study of American History


Chronology of US Historical Documents

University of Oklahoma


Primary Source Material Bibliography:


Taking Notes

The following handouts can help students:


1.  Select important details.


2.  Distinguish between paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting information.


3.  Extract important details from sources and synthesize information from multiple sources.




Effective Internet Research

Using Online Resources for Research

The following powerpoint teaches search strategies and includes information on how to evaluate Internet sites for bias, accuracy, and reliability:

Powerpoint:  Search Strategies and CARS method for evaluating websites


Linked Activities for Effective Searching


Using Research Models

Simple Four Research Model

The Simple Four is a problem-solving research model developed for South Carolina and works with the research and inquiry standard (Standard 6) in the 2007 ELA Academic Standards.

Big6 Research Model